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The Website of the Central Nebraska Writers Network

Spring 2001  

Lynne Aurand Mickley, Editor
PO Box 27
Chapman, NE
United States

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by Mary Elizabeth Anderson

 Creative Words
by Lynne Aurand Mickley

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CNWN History
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CNWN History

           In 1992, participants of a "Writing For Profit" class taught by Sondra Last expressed interest in forming a writers group. The class met monthly at Central Community College in Grand Island, Nebraska, with Sondra Last serving as facilitator. After a year of informal meetings, regular attendees realized more structure was needed to retain the interest of area writers. CNWN set up guidelines for meetings, set dues, established the print newsletter with Kari Geiger as editor, and appointed Mary Elizabeth Anderson and Ellen Campbell as co-chairmen and Sherry Siwinski as treasurer.
           Mary Anderson and Ellen Campbell still serve as co-chairmen, with Lynne Aurand Mickley as treasurer and newsletter/website editor. Mary Dey is our reporter; she sees that notices of our meetings are published in the Grand Island Independent.

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Our Members

           Members of the Central Nebraska Writers Network live in Grand Island or the surrounding communities. Some members are published, some aren't. Some want to make writing a full-time career, while others want to concentrate more on the creativity aspect of writing. Members have a variety of writing interests and genres, including fiction, nonfiction, short story, novels, romance, historical, journalism, essays, reminiscence, poetry, Christian, and humor. 

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Our Meetings

          Each meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. with a sharing time. Members tell about their latest writing-in-progress, report any items sold or published, mention upcoming writing events, or share new markets. 
          At 7:00 we have a 30-45 minute program, which generally consists of a guest speaker discussing his or her writing genre or publishing experiences. 
          Following the program is a time of reading; members may read for critique or, in the case of the writing exercises, for fun.

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Future Programs


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Past Programs

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WRITERS is the quarterly publication of the Central Nebraska Writers Network. ©CNWN. All Rights Reserved. Contents of this website may not be published elsewhere without the permission of CNWN or the individual contributors. For more information, see the Legal Page. EDITORIAL STAFF: Lynne Aurand Mickley, Editor, Webmaster. Send inquiries and submissions to: or Central Nebraska Writers Network, PO Box 27, Chapman, NE 68827-0027.

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