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The Website of the Central Nebraska Writers Network

Fall 1999  

Lynne Aurand Mickley, Editor
111 N. Cleveland St.
Grand Island, NE 68803-5350
United States

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Articles In This Issue:

 After Hours Writing
  by Claire Splan
"Pretend that the muses are dropping brilliant ideas from the heavens and reach up high to grab a few."

  by Mary Elizabeth Anderson
"I daydreamed about book signings, press releases, and watching middle grade readers check out my books a the library."

 Interviewing Techniques
  by Kelly Boyer Sagert
"A good interviewer is willing to veer off the subject if a more engaging one surfaces."

 Role Playing Research
  by Brian J. Noggle
"Since role players are sticklers for adherence to some realism in their gaming, RPGs are treasure troves of specific information."

 Avoid Playing the "Flame Game"
by Cindy Appel
"Don't refer to the opposition as 'a bunch of morons' unless you have done your research and have solid evidence to the fact."

 Scientific Writing
  by Grady Hanrahan
"It's wrong to infer that only scientists make proficient scientific writers."

 How to Build a Successful Literary Business
  by Marilyn June Janson
"Carry plenty of business cards and class and writing club fliers."

 The Four Biggest Problems
  by Bob Mayer
"When there is any problem, the first thing I look at is perspective."

 Creative Words
  by Lynne Aurand Mickley
Would a yegg steal a joss and escape in a fliver?

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EDITORIAL STAFF: Lynne Aurand Mickley, Editor, Webmaster. Send inquiries and submissions to: or Central Nebraska Writers Network, 111 N. Cleveland St., Grand Island NE 68803-5350.

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