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Fall 1999  

Lynne Aurand Mickley, Editor
111 N. Cleveland St.
Grand Island, NE 68803-5350
United States

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Love, The Write Way
Get It In Writing!’s ABC Book Contest
Glimmer Train Press, Inc. Short Story Contest


Love, The Write Way
Romancing The Skyze
Contact: Tina Snyder c/o Romancing The Skyze
Address: PO Box 773, Cohoes, NY 12047
Entry Fee: $2
Deadline: December 99’s contest deadline is Nov. 15, 1999. February 2000’s contest deadline is January 15, 2000.
Prizes: $25 and publication.
How to Enter: Send manuscript, entry fee, and SASE to the address above. Entries must be postmarked by the dates indicated.
Wants: Up to 1,500 word romantic story. You must follow the theme given. December 99 contest: “Mistletoe is hanging, will ‘I do’ be in the air? Write a Christmas love story.” February 2000 contest: “Valentines Day--Send me your sweetest love story.”
Comments: Love The Write Way is a bi-monthly contest from
Romancing the Skyze.

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Get It In Writing!’s ABC Book Contest
(psst! It’s not just for kids!)

Contact: GIIW!
Address: PO Box 20336, Carson City, NV 89721-0336
Entry Fee: 20˘. “Send two thin dimes.”
Deadline: Postmarked by December 8, 1999.
Prizes: “1st: 60% of entry fees. 2nd: 30% of entry fees. 3rd: 10% of entry fees. 4th and 5th places receive honorable mention, and all places receive a free newsletter with the winning names in it. In order to protect your first rights, we do not print the winning pieces, you are welcome to submit them anywhere you like, at any time.”
How to Enter: Send entry to address above. Don’t e-mail entries. SASE to have entry returned.
Wants: Write your version of an ABC Book. Write it in your genre. Let us know what genre that may be. Nothing offensive! Limit yourself to 260 words (average 10 words per letter). Please use the English alphabet.
Comments: “Must have at least 5 entries! In the event that less than five participate, I will put their names and titles in the appropriate newsletter, and offer them a free entry in the next contest.”

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Glimmer Train Press, Inc.
Short Story Contest

Address: 710 SW Madison Street, Suite 504, Portland, Oregon 97205
Phone/Fax: 503-221-0836/503-221-0837
Entry Fee: $10 per story
Deadline: Postmark deadline is January 31. Winners will be telephoned by April 1.
Prizes: 1st place: $1,200, publication in Glimmer Train Stories, and 20 copies of that issue. 2nd place: $500, 3rd place: $300.
How to Enter: Submission must be typed, double-spaced, and not previously published. Staple all pages together. Cover letter is optional. First page of story to include word count and your name, address, and phone. Keep a copy of your work; materials will not be returned. Winners will be contacted at the address on their check, so make sure the address is correct. Write “Very Short Fiction Award” on the envelope and mail it to the address above.
Wants: Up to 2,000 word short story.
Comments: Glimmer Train holds this contest twice yearly. For a list of other yearly contests, visit the website at For a list of contest winner, send a SASE marked “List of winning VSF entries, please.”

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