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The Website of the Central Nebraska Writers Network

Fall 1999  

Lynne Aurand Mickley, Editor
111 N. Cleveland St.
Grand Island, NE 68803-5350
United States

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 After Hours Writing
  by Claire Splan
  by Mary Elizabeth Anderson
 Interviewing Techniques
  by Kelly Boyer Sagert
 Role Playing Research
  by Brian J. Noggle
 Avoid Playing the "Flame Game"
  by Cindy Appel
 Scientific Writing
  by Grady Hanrahan
 How to Build a Successful Literary Business
  by Marilyn June Janson
 The Four Biggest Problems
  by Bob Mayer
 Creative Words
  by Lynne Aurand Mickley

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          Below are just a few of the hundreds of places available on the internet for writers. If you have a favorite spot, please send the name, URL (internet address), and a brief description of the site to CNWN. Send three site reviews and receive $5!

Christian Writers Fellowship International Online
Phantastes, The Online Journal of Fantasy Criticism
Writer Beware
Writers Write
Painted Rock
The Write News
Association of Authors’ Representatives, Inc.
National Writers Union
The Writer’s Nook eZine

POSTED 2/99:
The Rose & Thorn Literary EZine
The Writer's Quill
The Write Markets Report/National Writer's Monthly
Black on White
The Grammar Queen

POSTED 11/98:
Robin’s Nest
Writing For Dollars (WFD)
The Romance Club
Writer On Line
The Word Museum
Pure Fiction
St. Rose Press

Rating Guide
*Awful--A waste of web space
**Poor-Visit only if you’ve got time to kill
***Average--Visit periodically 
****Above average--Revisit often
*****First rate--Start clicking now!


Reviews by Lynne Aurand Mickley


Christian Writers Fellowship International Online ters.htm
Christian Writers Fellowship International publishes Cross & Quill, a print newsletter for writers featuring profiles of writers and editors, how-to articles, inspiration, market news, and conference news. You can request a sample copy from the website at /crossquill.html. Membership benefits include a subscription to Cross & Quill, one-on-one help through their critique and market consultation services, help with book promotion, connections with other Christian writers and groups, help with contracts, and referrals. Membership (for those in the USA) is $40 per year. A subscription only to Cross & Quill is $20. Although the website doesn’t offer much free information, it does have a few articles posted.

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The Online Journal of Fantasy Criticism
Phantastes offers articles related to fantasy writing, book and media reviews, and forums for sending or receiving feedback about the fantasy genre. The forums don’t have many posts as of yet, but this is only the 5th issue, so give it some time. The website design is pleasing, and fairly easy to read, but the pages load a little too slowly. Phantastes is a paying publication and is eager for articles. (See the market listingin this issue.) This site is worth checking out if you’re interested in writing fantasy; keep an eye on this site, I think it’ll grow.

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Writer Beware
Warnings and Cautions for Writers
This website exposes the dangers unsuspecting writers may run into: unscrupulous agents, editors, and publishing companies. The site offers information and tips for writers to help them spot shady deals and avoid them, while giving case histories of publishers already convicted of fraud. The site also offers numerous columns on writing, on topics such as writing mistakes, manuscript format, developing characters, and finding an agent, just to name a few. The site is well designed and fast loading. This is a must visit for writers.

Back to Top /index.htm
*** contains columns and information by the author and screenwriter Steven Barnes. His columns, exercises and tips mostly focus on self-growth, but he does offer the complete text of a nine week writing course he’s taught at UCLA. The site is fast loading and graphically pleasing, although the page is too wide for the screen so you have to use the left-to-right scrollbar, which is annoying. This would be a good place to go if you’re feeling uninspired and need some exercises to get started.

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Writelinks offers suggested books for writers, a free e-mail peer critique group, critiquing and editing services for a fee, contest information, a chat room, and links to writing resources, references, book publishers and magazine publishers. Writelinks’ e-zine for writers, called Keystrokes, has author interviews and articles about writing. See market listing for Keystrokes in this issue.) Text is easy to read and the pages are fairly quick to load. This is a good resource website.

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Bonfire is a resource for writers of poetry and prose. The site offers articles--mostly geared towards poets--and a short list of links to other sites. Although Bonfire may have quality content, it is presented in an eye-straining format. The main pages are written in tiny yellow text against a black background. The articles are only a slightly more readable black text on gray. However, pages are fairly quick at loading. Bonfire may improve its rating here by making the text more readable.

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Writers Write
Writers Write contains “writers guidelines to online publications, writing and publishing news updated on weekdays, message boards, job listings and more!” The Internet Writing Journal contains articles, author interviews, and book reviews. There is a searchable database and list of markets. Each listing provides links to the magazine’s URL and guidelines page. This alone is worth a visit! The site has an area to find and buy writing-related books, a chat area, drawings for free books, writing classes, links to writing groups, conference information, contest listings, and links to author webpages. There is a lot to this website; a writer could spend hours exploring it! Writers Write is fast loading, and easy on the eyes. I highly recommend it.

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Painted Rock
Writers and Readers Colony
Painted Rock offers writing and research classes via e-mail, links to author webpages, message boards, book reviews, articles on writing, author and editor interviews, and other writing links. You can receive their free e-mail newsletters, or read the issues on the website. The site is fast loading and visually pleasing. Their market guidelines page is under construction, but there is still much to see here. This is a great place to visit.

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A Monthly Writing Publication mpirezine/
Empire:ZINE offers profiles of past and present writers and songwriters, a forum where you can post your writing questions and receive feedback, and website links. This site has a lot of content, but it’s too hard to read due to the tiny text against a black background. Additionally, the site hasn’t been updated since September 1998, suggesting it’s been abandoned.

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The Write News
The Write News Weekly
The Write News offers the latest news in the publishing world, such as mergers and new magazine startups. These updates can be e-mailed to you via their newsletter, The Write News Weekly. This is a good website to learn what’s going on in the publishing world. However, for the average freelance writer, this website doesn’t offer much. For instance, there is no information on whether a new magazine startup is seeking articles, or even any contact information for the new magazine. The Write News is published by Writers Write.

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Association of Authors’ Representatives, Inc.
If you’re looking for an agent, this is a place to start. The information on the site includes a Canon of Ethics for AAR members, a FAQ page, questions to ask an agent once you’ve found one, and a list of AAR members. There are also a few articles geared towards agents that writers may also find useful. Combine this site with Writer Beware find a good agent and avoid a bad one.

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National Writers Union
“The National Writers Union (NWU) is the trade union for freelance writers of all genres who work for American publishers or employers. We are committed to improving the economic and working conditions of freelance writers through the collective strength of our 5500 members in 17 local chapters throughout the country.” The website alerts writers to bad apples in the publishing industry, provides some market information, and links to writing-related site. You can also download articles from their magazine, American Writer. Membership dues are based on the writer’s annual writing income. Dues start at $95 per year. Membership benefits include grievance assistance, contract advice, an agents database, contact information for job postings, heath insurance, and resource materials. Although the site doesn’t offer a lot for nonmembers, there is some freebie information to be gleaned.

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The Writer’s Nook eZine /writersnook
The Writer’s Nook eZine is the place to find links to practically everything writing-related. The links point to articles, markets, chat rooms, writer resources, conferences, writers groups, and more. The links are organized well, but you sometimes have to go through many layers of links to find the actual information (such as a market listing) that you’re looking for. The Writer’s Nook doesn’t contain much content of its own; most of the links point to other websites. The site is fairly quick in loading, but consists of frames, which may not work well on some browsers. That said, this is one of the best places to start surfing for writing information.

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