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The Website of the Central Nebraska Writers Network

Fall 1999  

Lynne Aurand Mickley, Editor
111 N. Cleveland St.
Grand Island, NE 68803-5350
United States

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 After Hours Writing
  by Claire Splan
  by Mary Elizabeth Anderson
 Interviewing Techniques
  by Kelly Boyer Sagert
 Role Playing Research
  by Brian J. Noggle
 Avoid Playing the "Flame Game"
  by Cindy Appel
 Scientific Writing
  by Grady Hanrahan
 How to Build a Successful Literary Business
  by Marilyn June Janson
 The Four Biggest Problems
  by Grady Hanrahan
 Creative Words
  by Lynne Aurand Mickley

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Phantastes: The Online Journal of Fantasy Criticism
The Internet Writing Journal (“The IWJ”)

Catholic Digest Publications: See Magazine Markets.
The Bible Advocate Online: See
Magazine Markets.

Writer On Line


Contact: Kate Johnston, Managing Editor
Rates/Terms: $25 upon publication.
Query Preference: Query or submit manuscripts via e-mail. Submit your articles in ASCII text in the body of your e-mail. No file encoding, encryption, attachments or enclosures. Remove any “curly quotes” inserted by your word processor program before reformatting to ASCII. Indicate whether you want your e-mail address listed with your byline. Include a brief bio if desired.
Wants: Up to 5,000 word articles and essays about writing, book reviews, and interviews of people in the writing business. Keystrokes doesn’t showcase prose, poetry, or works in progress. Articles must be received on or before the 20th of each month to be considered for the following month’s issue.
Comments: Keystrokes is published by Writelinks.

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The Online Journal of Fantasy Criticism

Contact: Staci Ann Dumoski
Address: 440 N. Winchester Blvd., #114, Santa Clara, CA 95050
Rates/Terms: Pays 1˘ per word ($5 min/$20 max) for
three-month exclusive online rights.
Query Preference: May submit via e-mail or snail-mail. If e-mailing, include the full text of the article within the body of the e-mail with “submission” in the subject line. Don’t send attachments.
Wants: Articles of any length on “all aspects of fantasy literature but are particularly interested in subjects that relate to the nature and techniques used by writers in this unique genre.” Each issue has a theme, but submissions outside of that theme will be considered. Upcoming themes are “Myth and Fantasy,” and “Villains and the Problem of Evil.”
Comments: Phantastes is most interested in publishing
articles on craft and technique, author interviews and
profiles, book reviews, humor, and scholarly articles.
For more detailed information, visit the web site.

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The Internet Writing Journal (“The IWJ”)
Contact: Writers Write, Inc.
Address: 8214 Westchester Suite 500, Dallas, TX 75225
Rates/Terms: No pay. “However, articles will be published on a separate webpage as part of The IWJ with an author bio and links to the author’s webpage and novels, if applicable. All articles will be archived on the Web, when the next month's issue is uploaded.” No simultaneous submissions. “The IWJ takes first worldwide electronic publishing rights with the right to archive the material indefinitely in any electronic medium and to publish the article in a possible print or electronic anthology in the future. Rights return to the author thirty (30) days after the first date of publication, subject to the archiving and anthology rights described above.”
Query Preference: Submit queries or articles via e-mail only. Include entire article in the body of the e-mail or send as a Word, WordPerfect, or text attachment. Include a short author bio written in third person.
Wants: 1,500-1,750 word articles “on improving writing skills (any genre), the publishing industry, journalism, screenwriting, songwriting, business writing, playwriting, writing markets, Internet
writing, and articles on writing-related topics.” They are also looking for how to, informational and journalistic articles. “Personal experience articles should focus on a learning experience which would be of interest to other writers, or should describe how a particular writing technique has proven helpful.” Generally doesn't accept reprints. No fiction or poetry.
Comments: “We recommend that writers read articles published in The IWJ to get an idea of our editorial style and the types of articles that we publish.”

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Writer On Line
Address: Novation, 190 Mt. Vernon Ave., Rochester, NY 14620
Sample/Guidelines: Writers are advised to read current and archived Writer On Line articles at above website. 
Rates/Terms: $50 for original articles, $20 for reprint rights. If reprint, specify original date and publication source. Promotional opportunities in lieu of payment may be offered in some circumstances. Pays on publication for first-time electronic rights only. WOL retains rights to republish (archive) all submitted articles on an indefinite basis (including reprints.) 
Query Preference: Send e-mail attachment query or manuscript to above address. Strives to reply via e-mail within one month; responses not guaranteed. 
Wants: 800-1800 word articles on the craft, publishing, or marketing of all types of writing. Offer concrete practical advice. Prefers articles that offer examples, illustrations, direct quotes from credible sources, and such resources as books, papers, addresses, and URL's where readers can obtain  further information. 

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